PATS works 24/7 - No download required; Real-Time upgrades; No deposit!

It embeds 3 automated trading strategies:

  • Static trading strategy
  • Dynamic trading strategy (BETA)
  • Arbitrage across multiple exchange (BETA)

Static trading strategy - Description below

The Static trading strategy automatically splits the initial investment in 2 equal sides and converts one side of the investment in the second currency of the pair (i.e. : if a user starts a strategy with BTC-LTC with an initial investment of 1 BTC, the PATS strategy immediately convert 0.5 BTC in LTC)

By splitting the investment in 2 sides, and converting one side in the other currency of the pair, the PATS strategy determines the initial price of the investment that will determines the calculation of the profits and of the losses.

(We are not liable for losses produced by our algorithms.)

The Standard strategy automatically places orders to buy and to sell in order to increase the amount of the digital assets involved with a chosen pair.

If you want to konw how to set your trading parameters, click here

(We are not liable for losses produced by our algorithms.)