BmyCoin (BMYC)

MultiChain based token

Current Price: $3.75

BmyCoin runs on a private blockchain which is unique and Bitcoin compatible.

BMYC allows registered users to process payments, as well as to share the profits generated by our PATS.

Automated Hedge Funds

We aim to obtain the relevant FCA licenses to create the first Automated Hedge Fund for cryptocurrencies

BMYC allows users to be part of a democratic system and will help them with keeping control of their invested funds. Thanks to BMYC, our users will leverage their investment thanks to the blockchain consensus that will allows Social Trading features.

Profits entitlement

BMYC will entitles users to receive a share of the profits generated by our PATS. The share of each user will be distributed on a quarterly base and calculated over the percentage of BMYC that they hold compared to the total amount issued.

Transfer system

Our blockchain executes transfers in 16 seconds (average). Our distributed ledger can also issue different assets under the same protocol of rules of the BMYC allowing other business to create their own crypto-asset easily and with a peace of mind.

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